Setting A Healthy Foundation

Getting a new puppy is a bundle of excitement, fun, and a lot of learning. It’s a mix of joy and challenges as you build a bond with your new best friend.

These young pups, like sponges, begin absorbing information as early as 8 weeks old, enabling us to mold positive habits while maintaining their unique personalities. Observing the growth and development of puppies is fascinating, witnessing their escalating energy and confidence that fuels their curiosity and behavioral evolution. As they mature we see new behaviors pop up, such as noticing a squirrel, or the leg of the table, as if their eyes suddenly opened.

Our training method leans towards nurturing Pavlovian behaviors, capitalizing on the natural inclination for repetition. Our goal is to nurture your puppy’s enthusiasm for learning and executing obedience commands effortlessly.

Our training begins at your home, prioritizing a secure environment free from external risks, ensuring an early start in shaping behaviors and knowledge. After proper vaccines, we venture out on field trips to familiar places, exposing your puppy to varied environments, building their self-assurance, and instilling focus amid distractions, ensuring they stay engaged with you.

Potty training can be challenging but rewarding. Understanding a puppy’s schedule and cues is crucial. As trainers, guiding owners on signals, scheduling, and reinforcing good behavior can make the process smoother. Remember, accidents happen, and it’s part of the learning curve!

We love being a part of your journey with your new puppy, guiding their transformation into incredible dogs week after week! Following puppy lessons, we provide advanced training options to elevate your bond and connection with your furry companion to a higher level.

In-Home All-Star Puppy Obedience

Starting Anywhere Between 8-16 Weeks of Age, Lessons Are Every Other Week

● 6 Private Lessons
○ 3 In-Home
○ 3 Field Trips (Parks, Stores)
● Recall, Come
● Sit & Down
● Place
● Stay Foundation
● Potty & Crate Training
● Field Trips Build Confidence & Teach the Puppy to Focus on You / Obedience Around
● $100 Discount on Advanced Board & Train
● Includes 15’ leash, clicker, and treats


In-Home Puppy Obedience Foundation

Starting Anywhere Between 8-16 Weeks of Age, Lessons Are Every Other Week

● 4 Private Lessons At Your Home
● Recall, Come
● Sit & Down
● Place
● Foundation of Stay
● Potty & Crate Training
● $100 Discount on Advanced Board & Train
● Includes 15’ leash, clicker, and treats


Set Up For Success Lesson

Sometimes All It Takes Is A Lesson

● One 2 Hour Private Lesson At Your Home
● Potty Training Explanation, Schedule & Troubleshooting
● Crate Training Explanation, Schedule & Troubleshooting
● Teach Your Puppy Its Name
● Obedience Foundation
● $100 Discount on Advanced Board & Train
● Includes PDFs on Potty & Crate Training, Clicker, & Treats



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