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Dog Trainers

Certified Dog Trainers For Columbus Including: New Albany | Columbus | Easton | Dublin | Gahanna | Hilliard | Grove City | Short North | Upper Arlington


Top Rated
Dog Trainers

Certified Dog Trainers For Columbus Including: New Albany | Columbus | Easton | Dublin | Gahanna | Hilliard | Grove City | Short North | Upper Arlington


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With broad experience in making dogs more calm & obedient through loving care and training.


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Balanced Training Techniques

With countless hours of training and experience, you can rest easy knowing that your dog is in the best hands.


We make sure everyone is happy with our results.

Our client satisfaction ensures that owners and their pets are equally pleased with the results that we provide.

  • A happy pet helps keep owners happy.

  • We ensure client satisfaction, regardless of the surroundings.


Providing Service For New Albany | Columbus |
Easton | Dublin | Gahanna | Hilliard | Grove City | Short North | Upper Arlington

​​Our top trainers are certified or have obtained animal behavior degrees. We are set apart by the extensive time spent with owners, teaching them how to understand what their dog is telling them. We train dogs in drive, making them eager and excited to be obedient. Our training method is not the same for every dog, because each dog learns differently.​​
Dog training is more than obedience commands. It is a form of communication that allows you and your dog to understand each other. It is allowing your dog the freedom to be a dog; to be able to cut him off the leash to run and knowing that he will come back when called. 


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Cooper the 7 Month Old Mixed Breed


Titus the 9 Month Old English Mastiff


Captain the 1 Year Old Golden Retriever


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“We have seen major improvements”

5.00 / 5
Advanced Obedience Board and Train
We are so happy with the K9 academy! Kerry trained our 10 month old Doberman and he is a completely different dog for the better. We have seen major improvements with recall, house manners, and leash work. The daily videos “highlight tapes” were the highlights of our day ever day he was away at training. He went on so many fun and productive field trips. It was very obvious how much the trainers loved and cared about our dog, and took pride in they work they were doing with him! I would recommend K9 academy to anyone who wants a happy, more manageable dog returned to them after graduation!

9 Month Old Doberman, Kade

“Overwatch Has Been A True Blessing”

5.00 / 5

OverWatch has been a true blessing and lifesaver for our family. We adopted Sam and it was evident he had never had any potty training, social interaction, etc. We couldn’t even take him for a walk, he peed everywhere anytime he was scared. He barked at everything. We worked with him diligently but it just was not enough. I do not believe in rehoming pets but the stress it put on our family there just didn’t seem like many other options. The stress he felt, just didn’t feel like he was living his best life. We contacted OverWatch. They visited for a bit to get familiar with Sam and picked him up from our home. Kerry updated us daily. He spent 3 weeks with her. I won’t say he’s a new dog- his anxiety is still there and he’s certainly still mischievous. But he is able to do things I never thought he could. He’s happier, less anxious. We can leave the house, he can meet people, he listens, he understands. It was an amazing foundation for a good boy. Our lives are so much calmer now and he is so much happier. I am forever greatly for the gift of Kerry and the work she put in with Sam.

10 Month Old Collie, Sam

“They Were Always Happy”

5.00 / 5

Kirstin trained our 8 year old Golden Retrievers and the transformation was beyond anything we expected. We had never mastered leash training and now enjoy daily walks. They were SO skittish in the car we never wanted to go anywhere with them and so, we did a poor job socializing them. Now we take them everywhere and have no apprehension about new experiences or encountering other dogs. I wish we would have worked with Overwatch K9 years ago. One last thing, the dogs LOVED Kirstin. She sent us videos every night and it was amazing how well they adapted to being with her. They were always happy. They still have their same personalities but now I think they are enjoying life even more!

Martha Tanedo
8 year golden retrievers Zeke & Bosa

“Absolutely The Best”

5.00 / 5

Lucy was our trainer, and she is absolutely the best. She has a very calming presence and an unbelievable amount of knowledge of dog behavior and training. She spent so much time with us at our initial meeting getting to know what we were looking for as far as training and our concerns. She was very communicative while CeeCee was with her, answering texts and sending videos, which made being away from our sweet puppy a bit easier. She has been home 2 weeks now and is doing great, so much improvement! We talk to Lucy regularly giving her updates and asking many questions, and she is always more than willing to give us advice. Our pup was in great hands and loved our trainer, Lucy. Highly recommend.

Barbara Cackovic
6M Bernese Mountain Dog CeeCee


“Outstanding Work”

5.00 / 5

1) They LOVE the dogs.
2) They have theory for every command they teach.
3) Very proficient, knowledgeable and professional
4) They create a training program structured around your dog and specific needs.
5) Our dog loves them.

Dana Clark