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Lifetime Guarantee

Advanced Obedience Board & Train

Our most popular program
Lifetime Guarantee

● 2 Week Obedience Program
○ If extra days are needed we will ask to keep your dog longer at no
additional cost

● Boarding With a Professional Trainer
● Obedience Commands
○ Off Leash Recall (Come)
○ Heel (Loose Leash Walking)
○ Sit and Stay
○ Down and Stay
○ Place and Stay
○ Free (Release from Stay)
○ Leave It
○ Nay (No, Stop)
○ Drop It
● House Manners
○ Door Manners
○ Greeting Strangers with Manners
○ Stop Counter Surfing
● Field Trips
○ To The Battery, Piedmont, Cabelas, etc
○ Obedience Around Distractions
● Daily Contact From Trainer With Progress Update
● Door-to-Door Service
○ We come to you to pick up your dog & to bring them home
● Includes e-collar
● 2-3 Hour Lesson With Your Trainer & Your Dog Upon Completion
● Lifetime Guarantee
○ Continued Education via Private Lessons as Needed for Free


Our board and train program is tailored to each client, focusing on core behaviors while aligning training with your lifestyle. Whether it’s hiking, outdoor dining, juggling a family household, or managing distractions around other dogs, we paint the picture of your routine for your dog during their training.

At OverWatch K9, our dogs exhibit confident and enthusiastic obedience. We harness their natural drive, fostering eagerness for obedience, fueled by the excitement of being rewarded. Utilizing your dog’s genetics, we channel their drive into obedience training while educating every client about dog behavior.

Throughout the board and train, your dog lives with a professional trainer, navigating real-life distractions across the city. Home manners are honed in a household environment, practicing traditional obedience alongside addressing behaviors like counter surfing, greeting guests, and more.

Receive regular updates, including videos, photos, and texts, tracking your dog’s progress. Our door-to-door service simplifies drop-off and pick-up. Upon completion, we dedicate time to ensure your family understands and practices the learned behaviors.

With our guarantee, future assistance is assured. Should new behaviors arise or regression occur, reach out, and we’ll provide support wherever needed, even meeting you at specific locations for targeted guidance. Continual education ensures your dog remains a testament to our training expertise.

Your dog represents our commitment, and our aim is to enhance your enjoyment of their companionship. We’re excited to be a part of making that happen!


Honesty, integrity & experience

Years of experience, set to make your home happy and healthy for your family and your dog.

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We focus on delivering results that make both you and your dog happy.

Unlike other dog trainers we offer lifetime results guaranteed. We want to be sure that our results stand the test of a lifetime.

  • We deliver top notch satisfaction to dogs and their owners

  • Lifetime guarantee eliminates your financial risk.